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We've moved, well sort of...we're co-working near Gatwick!

As March 2017 comes to an end we've moved - well sort of! We've taken up residence in a local co-working space.

What's a co-working space I hear you cry? Well it's exactly that, a space for like minded people, start ups and businesses who want to enjoy the luxury of an office - without having to pass on huge overhead costs to their clients!

IDEAlee's new home: Meadowcroft House, Co-Working space near Gatwick, West Sussex

Now nestled next door to London's Gatwick Airport in an awesome, secluded, Edwardian property (it's really very cool if you like that sort of thing!) with professional benefits including: meeting rooms; informal break out areas; plenty of parking.

Even more exciting for us, we now have access to a fixed photographic studio location on site. Perfect if you're not sure where you'd like to have your own photoshoot take place, or if your own office doesn't lend itself to being turned into a make shift studio! Or perhaps you just don't trust the Great British weather!

The spacious grounds are perfect for alfresco photography or filming, if that's your cup of tea. We also have cups of tea & coffee too for our visiting clients, so what better reason to drop in for a chat to discuss your creative, graphic design, marketing, illustration or photography project!

Did I mention that our new location is 24 hours too? It is, so if 'normal' office hours don't suit, and lets face it when do they, we can meet around the clock to suit you!

If you're interested in discussing your project please drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you and we'll stick the kettle on!

If you're a local business too, and you're interested in a space co-working drop me a message and I'll be happy to put you in touch with the team who run this one.



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