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Happy 1st Birthday to IDEAlee!

It's been about 4 months since our last blog, 2 months since our last Facebook post, 3 weeks since our last tweet and 1 year since IDEAlee started trading - why the radio silence?

Fisherman on the beach/rocks while the sun is setting in Menorca, taken by IDEAlee

While it is of course important to maintain your social media presence, as a developing business the key is often to just knuckle down and concentrate on your clients & the work itself (and to fit in a family holiday)!

This month we celebrated our successful 1st year! You can see from our case studies a selection of the individuals and businesses we've worked with, the projects undertaken and the services we have offered. We are thrilled with 100% 5 star feedback from our clients!

It has truly been a fantastic year and we are thrilled that in our 11th month we secured a significant retainer with a large client in Canary Wharf and also a development grant from Crawley Borough Council. These achievements illustrate the value we add to large organisations, as well as individuals and small/medium sized businesses in the local community.

Our next year sees IDEAlee investing in our infrastructure, equipment and software (including a new shiny website), continuing to build relationships with our current clients and widening our marketing to reach new clients. We'll also be in a position to proudly share with you a case study highlighting our significant and exciting work over the last year, and that is ongoing, with our largest client.

In the meantime, thanks to all of our clients for your business in the last year, as well as friends and family who have spread the word and supported IDEAlee.

For anyone booking our services in September or October 2017 you can...

... celebrate our birthday too with 15% off new quotes!!

All the best,




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