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case study: Branding & Logo - Dunbar Music School

IDEAlee was approached by Dunbar Music School following a word of mouth recommendation and we were asked to design a bespoke logo/identity for their new music education start up. 



The Client selected us for a number of key reasons: 

  • the skills, expertise & experience of our Creative Director as a professional graphic designer and illustrator to provide them with a completely original logo from scratch;

  • having one key contact to get to know them and understand the company vision and values so that we could not only develop a logo but foster a strong and impactful identity and brand;

  • our flexible and extensive opening hours, along with our willingness to communicate via various remote methods (skype, email, phone) as they are based in Scotland; 

  • we tailored options and prices for them, which enabled them to choose the solution which best met their requirements and budget

Avtar Logo Designs for Dunbar Music School (IDEAlee, Crawley, West Sussex)


The creative brief was that the logo should: be hand drawn; include the company name; contain music symbolism and a specific local landmark; incorporate Scottish colours; be modern.  Time was also spent to understand their business, vision and market position. 


The Directors were great to work with and passionate about their community music school.  Our skype calls were jovial, honest and productive – even when they threw us a mid-project curveball!


At first we developed a significant number of black and white hand drawn logo concepts for their consideration.  We then assisted them to drill down choosing aspects of each that they liked/didn’t like, and using computer software and illustration we developed one concept further.  After reflection and discussion, it was however decided that the logo was too busy and the Client accepted that fewer elements would be far more impactful (removing the bridge and hand drawn aspect).  With this in mind a further concept was developed with modern typography placed in a recognisable musical stave, which was thankfully an instant hit. We then agreed a Scottish colour palette for their logo and branding – trying a number of colour combinations we all loved the slate, black and heather palette!  


This was a highly successful and interesting project, with challenges along the way.  All assets were delivered to the Client electronically within 2 weeks of them contacting us, along with detailed brand guidelines.  They were very pleased with the logo and branding which they felt encapsulated their requirements fully and they kindly left us this review on facebook and google:-


“As a brand new music school, we were looking for a logo that captured our business in a creative way. Lee went the extra mile to understand our vision, designing a logo that works for our school and is immediately recognisable for our children and adult students. The feedback we have had regarding our new logo has been fabulous and Lee has provided different versions of the logo and avatars that can be used for different areas of our business. Lee was incredibly supportive throughout the process to make sure the end product was exactly right for us.” 


Jacqui Preston, Director – Dunbar Music School (Dunbar, Scotland)

Avtar, logo designs, scamps for Dunbar Music School (IDEAlee, Crawley, West Sussex)

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