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marketing advice & strategy

Are you asking yourself any of these questions?  If so read on or get in touch


Where can I find both marketing advice/guidance and a full service creative resource in one place, to help me while I focus on running my business? eg,

  • selecting the right marketing channels to find me new customers & meet my business goals within my budget;

  • updating my website, blog or social media with interesting and relevant content; 

  • designing impactful promotional materials such as leaflets, brochures, adverts.

How do I increase the competitive edge, profit, market share or reduce the spend of my business, organisation or startup?


Where can I find a marketing or business consultant to offer us a fresh pair of eyes, by conducting a review of our marketing and promotional activity, to ensure that this is cost effective and adding the best value?

How do I increase or encourage creativity, innovation and productivity in my business?

Whatever the size of your business in order to establish yourself in a market and to remain competitive, a business in simple terms needs to:


Have a strong and impactful brand, a clear message that includes a USP (Unique Selling Point) and make sure this formula is put in front of the right audience, at the right time and, of course, in the right place(s).


Many businesses don't have the budget to employ a permanent marketing member of staff or marketing team to oversee this process, this is where we can help, ensuring that your brand is defined and ready to communicate with your audience is something we're perfectly poised to do, with over 20 years commercial experience in design, ideation and marketing gained throughout a range of sectors.  We can do this on a one-off project basis or many of our clients treat us as their virtual or remote marketing team. 


At this point, it’s probably worth mentioning we don’t charge for an initial discussion, we want to earn your trust and to be able to demonstrate how we can help make a difference to your business, whether you’re a brand new start up or have been trading for years!


We gain a clear understanding of our Client's business by a combination of asking the right questions, applying our own knowledge and drawing on experience from other sectors which can be hugely beneficial.  We make it our business to understand: where their businesses are; where they want to be; and how to use our broad creative skills to create a solution to get them there!

This discussion can take place with one key contact or we can arrange wider information gathering and inclusion of other key stakeholders, via methods such as:-

Ideation is the practice of innovating, conceptualising, designing, challenging and developing​ creative ideas.

Whatever your project we can work alongside your existing staff (be they just one graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, artist, copywriter, marketer or be they a full team) to bring your idea to life and help drive it forward, or we can fully actualise this on your behalf with our own resources.

Facilitating a brainstorming or Ideation session to ensure spontaneous ideas, efforts nd perspectives of all of the participants are captured. These can then be considered collaboratively to solve a challenge, initiate creativity or input in to a marketing strategy.  Alternatively IDEAlee can happily brainstorm on your behalf should you prefer.

IDEAlee are skilled and experienced consultants in generating innovative solutions, concepts and IDEAs, which could be of benefit to your business.

We can facilitate focus groups by assembling people to test a new product, service or IDEA.   We will then present a report back to the organisation, business or startup, collaboratively discussing recommendations for areas to focus on or any changes which we feel may need to be considered based on this feedback.

Continuous improvement, and innovation are crucial to all businesses in order to remain competitive, current and ultimately successful.  We can work with you to create a business, innovation and/or marketing strategy or plan for your organisation, business or startup to ensure your business development, market prominence and success.

Once the information gathering is complete we will consider these individual business goals and budgets (it is worth noting that it is usual for competitive business’ to spend a minimum of 8-10% of income on marketing and promotion), and will further discuss and collaborate with our client ultimately producing a bespoke marketing strategy or plan, which may include ‘below the line’, ‘above the line’ and ‘online’ marketing solutions.  For the majority of clients ‘below the line’ marketing and social media does have the best return on investment, but creative and innovative solutions will be given to suit all budgets.


‘Above the line’ – designed to reach a wide non-targeted audience to focus on growing recognition and the identity of the business via mass media routes (eg branding; radio; TV; magazines; billboards; online promotion)


‘Below the line’ – aims to reach a more targeted smaller audience concentrating on generating loyalty and repeat sales e.g. leaflets; direct mail campaigns; stickers; brochures; trade shows and catalogues; offers; logo/identity; stationery (eg business cards, letterhead); 


'Online’ marketing - targeted search engine optimization of websites (SEO); pay per click (PPC); social media; website


From that marketing strategy or plan our clients then choose whether to move forward with the full marketing mix, or they pick and choose which aspects they feel will be most beneficial and affordable for their business.  


While clients can of course use this advice and carry out the implementation themselves, with no pressure to use our services for further work, given our broad range of services and friendly and personable approach we are trusted to use our expertise to deliver these services for them.  In order to do this we’ve made our fees as flexible as possible, choose from: pay per project; an hourly rate; retained basis, guaranteeing our time and benefiting from reduced fees each month.


One of our client recently commented:

“Thank you Lee, it`s very reassuring having you watching over this very important part of the business.”

Your chosen services will of course be tailored to meet your aim(s), whether they be to increase profits, competitiveness, productivity, market share, effectiveness or efficiency.  We strive to deliver and add value to you personally, your staff as well as your business.  

Whatever your project IDEAlee can help you realise your big idea!

We can undertake research on your behalf focussing on your marketing, promotion and creative design solutions. We can then work together to determine whether these add value, reach their intended audience and will prompt them to convert.

Using your existing product as a base we can investigate, and make recommendations for, product diversification. Complimenting, enhancing & growing your offering to give both additional benefits to the end user and business growth.

Once ideas and concepts have been presented, discussed and agreed IDEAlee will ensure these are realised., via our diverse set of creative skills or seeking skilled partners where nesessary.

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