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My son is always telling me this and it’s an ethos we firmly embrace at IDEAlee, so much so it's the theme of this week's blog post.

I’ve been taking photos for a long time and you really never stop learning, with this in mind I thought it might be cool to share some knowledge on how to make improvements to your photography without any new kit or spending any money. Just using your existing phone, compact or DSLR!

Right - lets get learning...

Tip 1: Change your perspective.

If you’re shooting a subject you can do far worse than getting down to their level - this is especially good for photos of kids, pets and generally any subject shorter than you. I have to mention that its OK to bend rules but its worth knowing the rules before you test them!

Change your perspective - rabbit at eye level

Tip 2: Draw in your viewer.

There are few rules in photography as classic as the rule of thirds - if you've not heard of this, quite simply - imagine your image dissected into 9 by two vertical and two horizontal lines. Placing your subject at one of the points these lines dissect is naturally aesthetically pleasing - try it!

Rule of thirds - meerkat example

The other great ‘trick’ is to use what’s known as leading lines - these could be the diagonals of a road, or a sign which directs the viewers eye to the main subject of the image.

Leading lines - mini clubman on vertical road

Also, and particularly relevant to those who photograph landscapes, keep those horizons straight. Nothing spoils a potentially great image more than a wonky horizon.

Landscape, straight horizon - Criccieth Castle, Wales

Tip 3: Clear the clutter.

This is a tricky one - you need to resist the temptation to keep snapping away. Instead take a really good look at the screen/through the viewfinder and check that everything in your picture should be there. There’s nothing more annoying than finding a rogue object in your shot which could have been avoided. It's also a good idea to have a general look round to help anticipate any incoming obstructions.

Obstruction in viewfinder/on screen during go-karting session

Sure you can do some creative cropping, or even some cloning to remove it, but wouldn’t it be nicer to spend more time taking photos!

Master the basics and basically you become a master!

Happy snapping folks & if you get a chance to try any of the above we’d love to see your efforts on our facebook page or via twitter.

Alternatively get in touch and we’d be happy to arrange some 1:1 tuition to help you get the best out of your camera.


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