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Today, Friday 19 August, is World Photography Day!

Crawley Junior taking photos!

My passion for photography and fascination with all things camera started from humble beginnings, with a cereal box camera and an accompanying verbal shutter sound effect.

Dad was an enthusiastic photographer and at the age of ten bought me my very own film camera - my passion for immortalising moments and subjects has been with me ever since. A few decades later I bought my first DSLR, I’ve bought and sold several since!

I’ve enjoyed capturing images across a broad spectrum of topics from wildlife, landscapes, architecture, corporate & promotional events, head shots & weddings and most subject matter in-between!

I feel privileged to now be able to turn a lifelong passion into an important aspect of my own business. Photography perfectly compliments my other creative solutions.

I'm currently trying to encourage photography with my son - he loves taking photos too, long may it continue!

Whatever your age & wherever you are pick up a camera, you’ve likely got one in your pocket on the back of your smartphone - immortalise the moment (feel free to share it with us too!) an image is better than any tat you’ll find in a gift shop to make that moment last forever.

Happy snapping folks!


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