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Are you asking yourself any of these questions?  If so read on or get in touch


Where can I find an affordable and highly skilled graphic designer to create my business an impactful and engaging identity (Including - logo; branding; stationery, eg letterhead, business cards; marketing & promotional materials, eg leaflets, posters, flyers; signage; livery/graphics)?

My business’ market presence has stagnated and I’m looking for a graphic designer to rebrand the company to appeal to a wider audience/ new customers and shoot some video or still images to make our website more engaging?

Where can I find an artist to commission: a bespoke piece of art, cartoon or illustration; greeting card or invitation (maybe for a special birthday, christmas, new year, christening, wedding); some merchandise; perhaps even a full size mural to cover that dull wall in my office or home?


I need a highly capable pair of creative, imaginative, hands in the form of a graphic designer or illustrator to undertake a range of creative activities on a one-off project or retained or virtual basis?

The IDEAlee team is highly creative, using imagination, passion, entrepreneurial flair, keen observation and worldliness to generate creative ideas and then realise these for our clients in various forms.


Illustrations and cartoons:

We offer a broad range of flexible creative solutions to suit all business and individual requirements and budgets - from designing bespoke birthday invites to rebranding multinational organisations.  You can see a list of these creative services below, see all IDEAlee services or see case studies

We can create artistic work in a variety of mediums depending on the brief (eg pencil, pen, marker, paint, charcoal, photography, computer software), & our work will convey the idea, emotion or action required of it.  This artwork could be for a private commission, or used on websites, in magazines & in other printed materials.
Brand goes beyond logos or colour palettes, it's the promise, personality & identity of your business. It's this impression your user buys into & we've got a wealth of experience to ensure yours is both memorable and impactful (brand creation, rebranding, identity, naming, logo design, strategy, guidelines, refresh)
We can assist you by developing engaging, informative and interesting visual content (and copy) for your promotional materials, website or any other media that will reach and be seen by your particular audience.
Drawings or preliminary sketches can be created by us to respond to a Client’s brief, for instance to illustrate a product idea or plan that they have.  These can be highly detailed or intricate in nature, or more of an overview, depending on requirements.
Cartooning, illustration, character design, caricatures, infographics, comic book, scamps, visualisation, murals.
IDEAlee can work with you to create a video to engage and inform your target audience and also give you advice of how to best publicise or host this, should this be required.  We can just shoot the video for you or can cover any or all aspects as noted below in the TV / Video production section.
We can help you with all aspects of your Marketing campaign, from Logo development through to the design and production of a range of Marketing collateral.
IDEAlee can add creative flair to your paper based or interactive powerpoint presentations and reports to capture the attention of your audience.  Using any of our creative skills, to include as a solution perhaps corporate photography, branding, illustration, videography, animatics.
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If you have a creative project we're confident we can help you SO please get in touch.

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Co-Tribe, Signage, Crawley/Gatwick

Aamar runs a unique 4,000 sq ft co working space - a place for entrepreneurs, start ups and small businesses to work, collaborate and share - we helped develop the branding, creating business cards, posters & signage.